The Greatest Guide To What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility is rampantly rising all over the globe. Today male infertility and problems with sexual health affect close to over 7% of all men, an incidence greater than diabetes mellitus. Not just that close to 40% of all fertility problems affecting couples can be solely attributed to the male partner. A variety of causes of male infertility actually requires active treatment. The common causes of male infertility in men include problems like

1. Low sperm count issues
2. Low sperm motility problems
3. Abnormal sperm shapes
and in some men
4. a combination of low sperm count, low sperm motility and abnormal sperm shape.

Some other causes of male infertility that are more severe include conditions like Azoospermia (which means there is no sperm in the semen). For men with azoospermia, a further work up is recommended to differentiate whether the sperm is not coming out due to a block or if there is a genuine testicular failure.

Male infertility causes like Klinefleters syndrome and numerous other genetic conditions are also resulting in some of the top causes of male infertility.

Today, not just problems with sperm production, but problems with sex and sexual health are also causing male infertility. An estimated 10% of patients suffer from sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, STD's and problems like low libido. Erectile dysfunction is among the top male infertility causes for men visiting a fertility clinic today.

In some men, the overall produced semen volume is low, in these individuals male factor infertility is due sperm going backward into the urinary bladder a condition called retrograde ejaculation. These patients require a proper work up.

Sadly, despite the various causes of male infertility, men seldom seem to get the true attention they deserve. A large number of men are being actively pushed into IVF based treatments without getting What Causes Male Infertility? adequate time for trying out naturally.

At our clinic most of our treatments, largely center around natural conceptions or natural treatments. IVF is only the last resort method and should be used sparingly.

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